February 22, 2011

To the End of the Earth!

I am so incredibly jealous!! My grandparents are on a 3 month cruise around South America and along the way they get to visit ANTARCTICA!  They left in January, and to keep the family posted on what they're doing, my grandfather is keeping a blog.  Who said old people can't be bloggers too?? These are some of my favorite pictures of their trip so far.  These first couple of pictures are of the Amazon River.  

These next 2 are Iguazu Falls.  I remember learning about this in my high school Spanish classes.  It's somewhere in Argentina, I think.  I can't get over that my GRANDPARENTS are on this amazing adventure, and I'm stuck here at boring school.  Why do they get to have all the fun?!?....I'm sorry.  Enough complaining.  

The next few are ANTARCTICA.  When I was little, I used to think no one was allowed to go to Antarctica.  I don't really remember why I thought that....maybe because I thought everyone who went there died.  Regardless, Antarctica was a place for polar bears and penguins.  Now, its crazy to think people live there (notice the little red houses?).  

This is Cape Horn.  I don't think I've seen a more beautiful landscape.  The blue skies, the ocean, the ice and snow, the huge mountains, and the patches of green make it seem very surreal.  

Even though I'm sure my grandparents are having a blast, I miss them a lot and can't wait for them to get home!!

Love Always, 

PS: Might I add that this is the 2nd post of the day.  Who's on top of things? ME!


Books and Roses said...

Iguazu Falls are in Brazil (Paran√°) and Argentina(Misiones) :D

Bluefemme said...

Gosh these photos are stunning!! I would be jealous too!

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