February 16, 2011

Knowledge is Free at the Library

Today is absolutely gorgeous.  Blue sky, 60 degree weather, birds chirping, dogs barking.  But where do I find myself? In the library. The cold, dark, boring library.  Yes I am stuck here because I have a HUGE psychology test in a couple of days, and I'm pretty behind on my studying.  I guess I deserve it since I haven't really been working all that much prior to today. STILL!   

During one of my many breaks today, I took these pictures with my phone (not bad right?).  Then during another break (when I wasn't checking Facebook), I edited them in Photoshop.  Yes, I have a horrible attention span.

I'm going to take a break soon, get some coffee, and take a walk to let my brain relax for a bit instead of getting distracted on my computer. 

Love Always, 

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taylah said...

thank you for following my blog! yours is lovely, and you take great photos!

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