February 19, 2011

"P.S I made this...."

One of my friends showed me this amazing blog the other day, so I thought I would share.  It's called P.S. I Made This...  There's even a book!  "I see it . I like it. I make it." is the motto of her movement: "reimagine, reuse, and reinvent."  She takes trends from the runway and other fashion inspirations and shows how to make the same sort of look at home with everyday items lying around your house.  She basically makes everything from accessories like earrings and necklaces to home improvement projects like chandlers.  I really want to try one of her projects, but I just can't decide which one! What would you choose....?

Love Always,


Simoana said...

This is awesome!!! Very creative!

Antoinette said...

AMAZING! You are sooo talented.


flitandfancy said...

It's Erica Domesek's blog, and she shows you how to make all this stuff at home. She even has a book! Check it out: http://psimadethis.com/about

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