September 24, 2011

An Art

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As I settle into actually living on my own and cooking for myself (instead of walking to a dining hall every time I get hungry...yuck), I'm starting to compile recipes that I like and foods that are fun and easy to make.  Cooking has definitely opened up a whole new world! Especially in food photography.  Making food look both pretty and delicious is definitely an art. 

Love Always, 

September 15, 2011

Color Inspiration: Orange

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Much to my dismay, the cold weather is starting to sink in, and fall is on its way.  Instead of dreading the cold weather, I'm trying to look forward to all the fun things fall brings: apple picking, watching the leaves change color, hiking, my birthday, football games, and much much more.  I got the idea of a color inspiration from Hey Look and decided since fall is such a colorful season, orange was the perfect place to start.  Have a happy weekend!

Love Always,

September 2, 2011


I love these illustrations by Lotta Olsson. They're so organic and complex.  I can't stop looking at them because every time I do I find something new to look at.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Love Always,