January 16, 2012

food pairing

My life just got very busy all of a sudden, so as a little break from the usual photography posts, here's a little "food pairing" to get you hungry and inspire you a little.  

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Love Always, 

January 13, 2012

old american provisions

I finally got the film I used at the beach developed! These pictures were also taken with my Minolta camera while I was in Southport, North Carolina in July. Oh how I miss the warm sand, the smell of the ocean, and the feeling of reading a good book while your back gets burned by the sun and not caring. I sure do miss the carefree feeling of summer...

Love Always, 

January 10, 2012


These are some of the first pictures I took using my Minolta SRT-200.  I took them while I was in North Carolina over the summer visiting my aunt and hanging out with my boyfriend.  They are definitely not the best pictures I've ever taken.  Many are out of focus. One is over exposed so there's a weird red spot on top. I'm making a not-so-pleasant face in another.  But, I think the beauty of the pictures lay in their imperfection, not in how well they were taken.  We learn from mistakes, but it's always nice to make something beautiful through those mistakes. 

Love Always, 

January 8, 2012

those little moments no. 2

It's the end of the month (sort of) which means a those little moments post! Because of this little project, I've found that I'm consciously taking pictures of the little things in life which sometimes makes me appreciate those ordinary memories just a little bit more.  Using pictures to document life isn't just about capturing the important times but also capturing the ordinary, normal life moments that matter so much. 

Love Always, 

January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Flit & Fancy

I can't believe I started this blog just 1 year ago.  It was on a whim, a fancy, if you will. I'm so so proud of it. It's really turned into a hobby that I hope to keep for a long time.  Thanks everyone for your support and wonderful comments. I can't wait to continue sharing more and more adventures with you all! 

Love Always,

photo credit: puglypixel