April 25, 2012

Little Maybelle

My sister got a new puppy! Her name is Maybelle.  She's a shih tzu-maltese cross and is the cutest, sweetest little puppy I've ever seen.  There's just enough sass while still being so incredibly adorable...I guess my sister taught her well.

Love Always, 

April 20, 2012

those little moments no.5

A few snapshots from March.

Love Always, 

April 7, 2012


Happy Easter! I just love all the traditions that come with this time of year: dying eggs, Easter egg hunts, floral dresses, warm weather, meals with family.  Leave it to holidays to bring everyone back together.  

Love Always, 

April 5, 2012

Break at the Beach

For spring break, 4 friends and I drove to Hilton Head, South Carolina where the Spanish moss hangs and the wind is warm.  We spent 3.5 glorious days soaking up the sun, going on runs, pretending to be adults, but still going on adventures late at night, eating cupcakes, goofing around, tweeting every other comment, and best of all, constantly taking pictures.  We had the best time, and I just can't wait to go on many more adventures with them.  

Love Always,