March 28, 2012

to be still

to be still: the act of remaining in place, at rest. 

It's hard to be still. To not think. To not fidget. Just breath.

There was a time last week that I got so flustered because I had lost something that I just sat there, on my floor, sitting still.  And you know what, it was the best feeling in the world.  No worries, no deadlines, just me and my carpet.  Sometimes, I know I should make time out of the day to just not do anything, to just sit and be still.  Unfortunately, the life of a college student who's trying to double major just doesn't allow for that. 

This longing to be still reminded me of one of our many photo shoots my sister and I did while we were exploring the mountains by our house.  We found a little rushing creek, a footbridge, a waterfall.  We had so much fun pretending to take pictures of birds every time someone walked by us.  Once they disappeared, we'd go back to taking pictures of each other until we were interrupted again.  We weren't worried about getting back for dinner or having to be somewhere. We just got to explore until we decided it was too cold. The simplicity of that afternoon was unforgettable. It was nice to escape the chaos that is life for a few hours. 

Love Always, 

March 15, 2012

those little moments no. 4

This month's edition of those little moments features INSTAGRAM (an iPhone app).  I'm so obsessed and always take random photos with it.  February was so busy--filled with exams, libraries, books, essays--and it just flew by.  I can't believe it's already the middle of March! I'm so not ready for this.  Sometimes it would be nice if time would just slow down now and then, so I could catch my breath. 

Love Always,