February 28, 2011

Home Away from Home

Welcome to my home away from home! My dorm room desk! I eat breakfast and occasionally lunch on it.  I do my homework on it.  I fold and iron clothes on it.  I even do my hair and makeup on it in the mornings.  I pile all the important things (like my paper due in class tomorrow....that I haven't started...) and the not so important things (like candy and cards from home) together in one space, so it's of course going to get really messy! Normally I don't really pay attention to the stuff on it, just whatever I'm doing on it. However, today I was feeling inspired by all of the vibrant colors: the greens, the reds, the yellows.  All of my junk kinda turned into something beautiful...until I remembered the reason I was sitting at my desk...to write a paper...a very boring paper.......

My mom is a sucker for cards, so she is always sending me them at random times.  Most of the time it's not even for a holiday.  I like to keep them because I hate throwing things away.  I pin them on the board behind my desk, so I see them all the time and think of her.  One says "Just Checking In," another says "There's a big gap," and another says "Do one thing everyday that scares you."  The last one is probably my favorite.  It can be pretty inspirational. 

Taken with Sony Cybershot. Edited in Photoshop 

Love Always, 

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