April 25, 2011

Much Love Monday


Happy Monday! I'm so glad today is almost over.  It's been way too stressful for me.  I had an 8 page paper due at 4 which I started on Sunday and an architecture project due at 6 which took me all weekend to finish and it still looked bad.  Oh well.  It's the last week of classes and then it's finals and then it's summer.  I'm almost there.  Anyways, today while I was trying to destress, I found this ADORABLE video of a wedding ceremony.  I'm pretty sure I watched at least 5 times and cried every time.  It is just so cute! I think I might watch it again after I finish this post...yes, I'm a little obsessed with weddings if you can't tell.  I used to want to be a wedding planner.  Enough rambling.  I hope your weekends were filled with fun Easter activities!

Love Always, 

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