April 10, 2011

Cardboard is Cool

It's my first year in the architecture school here, and I've taken 2 classes so far dealing with the ins and outs of architecture.  I did pretty well in the first class, but this second class...I'm not so sure...you see it's kind of like an art class only harder because the teacher is INSANE.  For the first part of the semester, I was practicing drawing, but now I'm starting to make models out of cardboard and it's really hard.  I took these pictures when I was having a mental breakdown because my box's sides wouldn't stay together and I wasn't allowed to use glue.  This cardboard is taking over my life! My desk (and room in general) is a complete mess! It's so bad that I even found a piece of cardboard in my bed last night.  Something's got to change.

Love Always, 

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Victoria said...

I love this kind of proyects. They really make you explore your creativity! I lov ethe fact that you are sharing this in your blog! x

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