February 9, 2012

autumn color

More Minolta pictures! Yes, I hadn't gotten film developed in a while, so it kinda built up...These were taken in the autumn when the leaves were beginning to change color and fall off the trees; the weather was starting to turn cold.  As a break from our usual Sunday routine of doing homework all day, my boyfriend and I decide to take our cameras and capture some of the fall color around campus.  We discovered some new things along the way too, like this billion year old church steeple from England tucked away in a forgotten garden...

Love Always, 


Anonymous said...

These pictures really capture Autumn. A little, bit of sun, crunchy auburn leaves and walks outside. Love them.
xx Jane

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful campus! film photography always fascinates me and i should be looking for my own film camera.

warm greetings!

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