December 7, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

Right after Thanksgiving, my family has a tradition of going and picking a Christmas tree to kick off the holiday season.  We like to go to the mountains and chop down our own tree from a real Christmas tree farm, but this year we decided to make a quick trip down the road to a local site to save us some time.  The weather was perfect, not too cold but not too hot.  I watched by little sister and brother run between the rows of pine trees while the rest of us tried to find the perfect tree. 

As we have gotten older, us kids get more and more picky about what tree to get.  We all find our favorites and then everyone tries to persuade everyone else that theirs is the best.  It can be a pretty intense process.  There have even been tears in the past.  Thankfully, this year, we only found 3 favorites and quickly eliminated 2 because one had too many holes in the branches and the other was too tall.  I'm pretty sure this was the first year my family was able to pick a tree in less than an hour which meant more time for baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate!

As we enter into December and into the holidays, I want to make sure that I don’t forget the reason we celebrate.  It’s not about how many presents I'm getting or even about all the tinsel, lights, and frills.  It’s a time to spend with family, and I want to make sure I enjoy being there this year.  Being away from home really makes the holidays even more special because now I’m stuck with my family for 27 days without anything to do or anywhere to go.  Instead of wishing I was with my friends back at school, I’m going to try to actually be present which means not just half listening to my sister when she’s telling me about boy troubles as I pin some amazing looking cupcakes on Pinterest, it means taking time out of my day to help my brother make his home movie, it means leaving the cell phone in my room when we have a movie night.  I really want to soak up as much of them as I can before I go back to the rushed, stressful life of a college student. 

Love Always, 

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