May 23, 2011


Happy Monday! My weekend was somewhat lackluster but that's ok because it's summer! I'll be home for another week and then I head to Charlotte, North Carolina for an internship.  I'm kinda nervous but also really excited! These are some pictures I took over the weekend using Instagram on my iPhone (which is the best thing ever)! 

{a}: Sitting outside of  Starbucks on Friday catching up with some old friends over chi lattes and iced coffees enjoying the sunny 80 degree weather. 

{b}: Helping my sister study for her biology final.  She's still in school...I forgot how much it sucked to be in high school!

{c}: Again outside of Starbucks....BUT this time watching the Blue Angels air show.  It was AWESOME! The planes were SO loud, and one literally flew right over me and shook the entire building! I tried getting a picture of the planes but they were just too fast. 

{d}: We got new wood flooring in our basement...yeah I know it's so exciting...

Love Always, 

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