January 5, 2013

something worth disposing

Over the summer I used a disposable camera to take pictures at the beach so I wouldn't ruin my nice ones; unfortunately, I have no idea where that camera went.  I was heart broken for a little while but life moves on...right? So, to redeem myself, I got another disposable camera and tried it again.  It's definitely a funny thing to use.  It has it's quirks, and I'm pretty sure this one's viewfinder was off, but overall the pictures turned out cool enough for me.  AND, the best part is, you can get it developed at a drug store in ONE HOUR! No more waiting weeks and weeks for the film to be on my doorstep! I think you could say I'm hooked. 

Love Always,

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FierceandFashionable said...

I love disposable cameras too! It's so much fun to take photos, forget about them, and then see how they turned out when developed. So much fun!

Michelle, Fierce & Fashionable

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