July 25, 2012

Exploring Dallas

I've been a bad little photographer and haven't touched almost all of the pictures I've taken this summer.  So many things keep happening that I can't get on top of things, from the beach to Texas to every day life.  So to start my summer adventures, I flew to Dallas in June to spend some time with my very good friends and their families and also to be a bridesmaid in my dad's wedding! It was such a whirlwind of a week that I hardly remember being in Dallas.  Some early mornings, great Tex Mex food, art museums, exploring old districts, seeing family I didn't know I had: those are the memories of Dallas.  

The Adolphus Hotel

The Crow Collection and the Nasher

Yes, this is a piece of art. aka an adult jungle gym. That's right! You got to go inside and play. 

Love Always,


P. Skillern said...

Amazing! My husband and I go to Dallas about once every two months. We are actually going there next weekend. What was your favorite thing you did there (besides the wedding)?

flitandfancy said...

Oh that's so cool you get to go there so much! I absolutely love it. My favorite part had to be the Nasher Sculpture Center, all the pieces are so unique. Oh and Northpark mall of course.

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