May 2, 2012

Like a Luncheon

I took these pictures probably over a year ago.  I sort of forgot about them.... you know those pictures that are just so uninspirational you can't do anything with them? Well I hate those, but even worse are those that are intimidating.  It's crazy to think I can be intimidated by pictures, but I really am, so intimidated that I don't touch them for over a year.  I guess it's because they had great potential but most were underexposed so that required some tweaking which then lead to more issues to conquer, and I was so worried about messing up these pictures that I just refused to do anything with them.  

So, during a time when I should either be sleeping or studying for finals (or maybe eating), I pulled these babies out and tried to not be intimidated by the editing process, and voilà here they are after a year of sitting around untouched

Love Always, 


Caroline Caldwell said...

pshh ashlyn? intimidated by photos? these are FABULOUS (and we should go back to keswick for a summer afternoon tea)!

Joyce said...

Yum a luncheon :) I like all the pictures of the tea cups, actually I like all the photos!

bridget anne said...

lovely little detail shots...i love the shot of the little crumbly bit. xo.

charity victoria said...

um, I would like to attend this event, please! I love these photos--way to push yourself & make something great out of something you weren't excited about. xo!

NaNa said...

my my, this makes me wanna eat some cakes and have a tea, nice pics hun =)

love from the NANA girls xoxo

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