January 10, 2012


These are some of the first pictures I took using my Minolta SRT-200.  I took them while I was in North Carolina over the summer visiting my aunt and hanging out with my boyfriend.  They are definitely not the best pictures I've ever taken.  Many are out of focus. One is over exposed so there's a weird red spot on top. I'm making a not-so-pleasant face in another.  But, I think the beauty of the pictures lay in their imperfection, not in how well they were taken.  We learn from mistakes, but it's always nice to make something beautiful through those mistakes. 

Love Always, 


Catherine Denton said...

I'm thankful you shared them. There is beauty in imperfection and those garden pictures sent a calm over me.
Catherine Denton

Caitlin said...

i'm trying to take more film pictures too.
they just have a magical feel to them.

Anonymous said...

I agree hun. Having imperfections is just perfect (or atleast has a humble beauty to it) =) Thanks for sharing these images, the overexposed one is particularly lovely. Kinda looks like you took them from a lomo too! ^_^

Eeli x

charity victoria said...

These are lovely! they make me want to experiment with film again, I haven't done any in so long..but I agree, the allure of film photography is the flaws that sneak in. They are somehow beautiful.
Thank you for the comment! I am following your blog now, as all your photos are gorgeous. xoxo!

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