August 10, 2011

DIY: Inspiration Board

I've been in a pretty crafty mood lately, and I wanted to share one of my recent projects.  I call it an Inspiration Board! I use it as a place to store some of my favorite foods, fashion advice, and decor that I've found in magazines. It's also a great decoration for my oh-so-plain room. Here's how you make one:

*Cork board
*Magazine clippings 

If you want to be SUPER crafty add some embellishments like flowers, buttons, or beads.  You could even paint the frame of the board (I painted mine blue). 

Gather some pictures and quotes that you want to put on the board.

Arrange the pictures any way you want.  Secure with tacks.  Add embellishments (I added buttons and some flowers). 

And you're done! Yay! That was easy.

Happy crafting!
Love Always, 

Original idea from:
Collage elements from pugly pixel

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