March 30, 2011

If I Could, I'd Do It Over Again

Once upon a time and long, long ago....ok not really....but still a while ago, I was in Paris.  For 4 days.  And did NOT eat a macaroon.  I went with my dad and sister. It was the first time my sister and I had left the country, and the first time my dad had traveled by himself.  We were naive...We didn't experience FRANCE! So, if I could (and hopefully some day I will), I would redo this fabulous-yet-not-as-fulfilling trip to Paris.  If I could, I would eat macaroons and nutella-filled crepes for every meal.  I would use the steps to climb the Eiffel Tower.  I would buy something on the Champs-Élysées even if it was a tiny key chain just so I could say I shopped there.  I would visit Versaille.  I would take more pictures.  And the list goes on....

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Here's a warning for Paris, France: Get ready because I'm coming back (soonish) 

Love Always, 

PS: Pardon my daydreaming 

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Simoana said...

Oh delicious, these macaroons look delicious!!!!! And the colour, aaargh!
The city I live in . . . there is only one bakery that makes them!!

I do think you should go back to Paris now :)

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