January 1, 2011

And So It Begins...

With my newfound free time and growing interest for photography, I have decided that this is the perfect opportunity to start a blog.  I’ve always had an interest in blogs, and I try to check on my favorites at least every couple of days. I’ve fantasized about having one of my own, but never really had the guts to try it seeing that I don’t really have a fascinating life or the ability to put my average, normal life into words; nonetheless, here I am.  I’m taking a risk.  I’m trying something new.  You always hear people say how 
college is the best four years of your life and how you live in this bubble with no worries or responsibilities and how it’s a time to reflect, explore, and find yourself.  The truth is I didn’t believe those things, but now that I’m here it really is true.  Hopefully, this blog will not only document my journey through college but also through my experiences as a photographer and fashion enthusiast. 

I used to be “preppy” with the Ralph Lauren oxfords and polos, ribbon in my hair, the whole shebang.  I entered college, did some soul searching, and decided to be an aspiring hipster. According to Wikipedia, a hipster is a contemporary subculture made up of young, recently settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream fashion and culture.  Urban Outfitters and Modcloth have officially replaced the Abercrombie and Ralph Lauren of my wardrobe.  Fashion and clothes have been a part of my life for a while, but only recently have I really started to understand, appreciate, and admire the actual individual pieces of clothing and how they work together to make a whole outfit that says something about the person wearing it.  They used to be just pieces of cloth, but now they’re more than that. 

Although fashion is a big part of my life, this blog is dedicated to my photography.  Im kinda winging it right now so who know where this will lead but for now photography first, fashion second, random things thrown in here and there and in between.
So comment all you want.  I like feedback and hearing about what other people have to say.

Credit: http://www.polyvore.com/fuck_yeah_dirty_pink/thing?id=18780683http://www.polyvore.com/http_larisa82.tumblr.com/thing?id=23184430

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